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CSA 2020 -- October2-3, 2020 -- Final Week

Posted 10/2/2020 5:05pm by Larry Brandenburg.


It always a sad time for us when our CSA season comes to an end.  The work will slow down. Yields are already being drastically effected by the cooler weather. No more getting up at 3:00 in the morning to get to the market by 5:00 so that we will be ready by 8:00.  That will not be missed.

But, seeing all of you each weekend will be leave an empty spot in our heart that will go unfilled.  Even in this bizarre year we will miss you face.  Even though we have never seen your smile.  Even though we have never shaken hands or shared a hug. Even though we have been deprived of all these things, we still have seen and heard enough from you to imagine the joy of your smiles and the warmth of that handshake or hug.  

As we close out this season, we are very happy to share with you two heads of wonderful fall lettuce: a beautiful red lettuce and the always desirable romaine. It will continue to produce and we will let you know soon if you would like to purchase some in the coming weeks.  Eggplant will not last much longer and so we are glad you will get some of the last of this tasty crop.

Peppers, sweet and hot, will be in the bag as well as both purple and white fingerlings. Okra and butternut squash as well as a small pie pumpkin will put us all in a fall mood.

As a gesture of gratitude we have included a couple of surprise thank you gifts. One will excite your sense of taste, especially those taste buds sensitive to sweet.  The other gift will stimulate your senses of sight and smell.  Something to bring beauty in to your life and home.

Saturday pick-up will be from 10:00-11:00 a.m. in the parking lot at Beargrass Christian Church at our normal farmers market spot.  We will be there in our white truck (no trailer this time) and should be easy to find. If you need to contact us, please text me at 502-640-0042 or Beth at 502-640-0043.

Thanks you again for your commitment to local, organic food. We love growing stuff for you. And we feel the love from you.  We experience it each week in our limited, socially distanced, masks up environment. Thank you for your kind remarks of appreciation and support.

Enjoy the "off season" as we all look forward to May 8, 2021 when it all starts up again.  Wow, the rhythms of life and nature are miraculous. Hope you will be with next spring to experience the miracle again.

Larry, Beth and Nathan Brandenburg

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