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Farmer's Market -- September 12, 2020

Posted 9/11/2020 9:04pm by Larry Brandenburg.


Here's your weekly countdown.  Three more Saturdays left to shop the St. Matthew's Farmers Market.  Wow.  Can't believe how fast it has gone.

This week we will have heirloom and cherry tomatoes, potatoes, sweet peppers (Including those purple peppers that many of you have discovered for the first time), mixed hot peppers including jalapeño. cayenne, habanero and golden ghost.  Will also have fairy tale eggplant and red okra.  All certified organic and lovingly cared for by our hands from our field to your table.

Beth will have flower bouquets, but probably not as many as the last couple of weeks.  Please come early, they go quickly.

Also, please don't forget the wood products sourced from the farm and transformed by the gifted hands of Beth's father, Bill Newman. In addition to the folk art and birdhouses, he also has started making some toys.  I will admit that I did not think they would be very popular with kids.  There are no batteries or screens, they don't talk to you or move on their own.  They are powered only by your hands and imagination.

A very nice woman has purchased two this summer and she told Beth that they are the only two toys that her son will play with by himself. I can picture him sitting on the floor with his hands running over the same wood that has been fashioned by the hands of an eighty eight year old man. His imagination joining with imagination of the eighty eight year old man who maybe is traveling back through his memories and reliving what it was like for him to be an eight year old boy eighty years ago.  Imagination can do that.  It can spark the creator and also spark the recipient of the creation. The young bringing the old to life and the old bringing the young to life. Hands joined. Imaginations joined.

Only three more opportunities for you to see where your hands and imagination may go.  It may be a wooden toy or herb garden.  Or it may be a bite into an heirloom tomato whose seeds have been passed down for a century. A tomato you can't find in your local supermarket. Or it may be a flower bouquet loving put together by the daughter of the eighty eight year old man.  The daughter who learned to love flowers growing up on a farm tending her mother's flower garden.

Hands and imagination.


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