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Farmer's Market -- September

Posted 9/4/2020 8:51pm by Larry Brandenburg.


The countdown continues.  Four more Saturday mornings to enjoy great, local organic produce.

It's 9:20 on Friday night and we just finished our supper.  We feasted on our grass fed/finished rump toast (in crock pot), our green beans in the Instant Pot and our fingerling potatoes roasted in our small Breville toaster oven. This oven is one of our best investments ever.  Small and efficient, it does a great job on any culinary task you throw at it.  Same for the crock pot.  And the Instant Pot.  Only device not used tonight was Sous Vide.  It is normally used at least twice a week.  

Food should be nutrient dense, healthy and flavorful.  It should not need a lot of spices or sauces to make it taste good.  It should have inherent taste and goodness.  Thats why we raise our beef on our organic pastures and our vegetables only by certified organic standards.  It makes a huge difference.  Not only in terms of your health but also in terms of your palate. And your conscience.  And your values. And your love for this planet and you neighbor. Isn't it amazing that you can have biologically naturally flavored food that also makes our world a better place?

I like hot and spicy food.  Probably developed this desire in the ten years we spent in Texas.  We eat/make Mexican food at least five times a week.  Breakfast, lunch or supper. Sometimes all three meals.  Bring me the heat.  This year we have jalapeños, cayennes and Golden Ghost peppers. And they are hot in a good way. They don't overpower you, even the Ghost Peppers have a depth of flavor (kind of fruity) that doesn't just burn but brings a deep satisfying sensual experience.  We will have some tomorrow, take a chance, live life to the fullest. 

An advantage I had tonight in roasting our Fingerling Potatoes was the access to fresh herbs. Fresh herbs take your cooking to a different universe.  Maybe you should check out Beth's herb boxes tomorrow.  They scratch that itch that you didn't even know you had.  That itch to take it up a notch.

We will have a lot of life enhancing produce for you tomorrow.  Not only will it fill your belly but also your soul.  So, come experience a something that will make a difference in your life and others.

Come change the world. Sometimes it only takes a small step to get the ball rolling.


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