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Farmer's Market August 22, 2020

Posted 8/21/2020 10:12pm by Larry Brandenburg.


Spent some time on the tractor today mowing the overgrown "crop" of Johnson Grass that has emerged in the border of our main growing field.  It had achieved heights that exceeded six feet over my head. And my head is almost six and half feet off the ground. When you allow unwanted growth to get away from you also are given a glimpse into the balance of nature you wouldn't see otherwise.

As soon as you have mown a round or two you notice that you have attracted a few bird friends.  They are flying in an excited frenzy above your head.  You also notice that in addition to lot of chaff bouncing into your lap you are also attracting a few bugs.  I watched in awe as a beautiful Praying Mantis would jump from stalk to stalk as the front end of the tractor gently pushed down his perch as we moved steadily forward.  The Praying Mantis is the farmers friend. They eat hundreds of harmful insects each week. The birds are also excited about the bugs and pick out their treats too.  

As I progress ahead I see rabbits and mice scurry out of the way.  Now the hawks have been invited to the party and they too are eying where their next meal might come from. They are not bold enough to dive into this pool of sustenance  but patiently perch on tree limbs or fence posts until it is their turn.  As I gently turn toward  the north I see a lot of the tall grass trampled down.  Here, had I been able to sneak upon them, I would have found deer, probably a mother and her fawn bedding down, protected by the cover of the tall grass.

All of this activity was taking place in an area comprising about two acres.  The John Deere tractor powering the seven foot beast following it was no discriminator in its mission to demolish all in its path.  Some had been merely disturbed and inconvenienced.  Others, not so lucky. Some had sacrificed so that others would live.  For some, the inevitable had merely been delayed.

This is the balance of nature.

Harmony Fields Farm is a Certified Organic farm. Our slogan is "In Tune with Nature'. We believe that mowing is much better than applying herbicides that harm human life.  We believe  that birds and praying mantis and other beneficial insects are a better way to deal with destructive insects than spraying poisonous pesticides.

So, when you come to the market tomorrow to check out our heirloom tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, know that they too are living in balance. As are those beautiful flower bouquets and squash, and eggplant, and green beans and cucumbers. All in tune with nature.

This the balance of nature.

Sometimes though, we might need to offer a helping hand.



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