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Farmer's Market August 15, 2020

Posted 8/14/2020 8:53pm by Larry Brandenburg.


If you aren't yet following us on Instagram , check us out at harmonyfieldsfarmky for some great pictures that Beth posts each week.  Today she did a short video of the flowers she and Nathan (our son who works here on the farm) harvested today.  Beth LOVES flowers more than anything.  Nothing makes her happier than seeing the joy that illuminates the face of one who discovers her arrangements for the first time.

When we got married she loved having flowers in the yard.  I would have preferred  a cow or a hog but she wanted flowers. We have lived in Kentucky, Texas and Illinois and the narrative never changed.  

Even though both of us grew up rooted deep in the soul of agriculture, that was not the career path we chose to follow.  We were both musicians and that was the path we followed.  And still do. But, as my friend the southern writer Will Campbell (now deceased) told me, "Once you get that soil under your fingernails, you can't get it out." Finally, twenty three years ago, we caved in and got back to that soil.  And Will was right.  That soil was always a part of our soul.

On Sunday, August 16, we will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. When we made that commitment at Hite's Run Baptist church August 16, 1975, we had no idea that 45 years later we would still be professional musicians and farmers.  Our music careers have taken us over many miles and three states but finally in 1990 we decided to come home to Kentucky.  And we decided it was time to find some land so we could complete the circle.  It took seven years for us to find the right job combination and the land that would enable us to get that soil back under our fingernails.

And so, here we are today. Not only did we rediscover the soil but we also discovered you.  A community of people of common conviction. And love.  

This whole journey began with love on August 16, 1975.  And love is still the driving force that keeps the journey moving forward. Every tomato, flower stem, cucumber, kale stalk, pepper, etc. is grown and picked as if your life depended on it.  Nurtured with love.  As if we want to know that 45 years from now, even though we won't be here,  the love will continue.  And the circle will continue. And that you will occasionally rum the tips of your fingers against your palm and say, "What is that?" And then remember, it must be the soil.  Passed down since August 16, 1975.

Come see us tomorrow.  We have a lot of fruits of the soil to share with you. But, more importantly, we have a lot of love to share with you. And maybe a little dirt too.





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