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Farmer's Market August 1, 2020

Posted 7/31/2020 9:18pm by Larry Brandenburg.


They promise no rain tomorrow morning. Promise it's going to come in hard late tomorrow afternoon. They promise a lot but deliver on little. As I was once told; "Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it." Yet we all have our favorite meteorologist and continue to put our faith in them even though we know they are lucky to accurately forecast the weather fifty percent of the time.

Famers are weather nerds.  We all have a rain gauge. Maybe several.  We all have outdoor thermometers. Maybe several.  Some even have sophisticated weather stations that resemble a middle schooler's science fair project . And of course we all have weather websites and apps on our phone.  A good friend of mine has one of those fancy apps.  He was showing it to me out in the  pond field field one day.  After staring at it for a few seconds he turned to me and said, "It's raining here right now. See that radar image?" I asked him, "Does is say when it might actually hit the ground."  We got no rain that day.

We have been dry for a couple weeks here.  We received .25 of an inch last week and 2.5 inches yesterday. Very thankful for the rain, and yes, it was actually in the forecast. It gave a boost to several things which means we will have lots of cucumbers (both the traditional long green ones, and an incredible heirloom variety that is short and stubby with yellow skin called Boothby Blond) and some purple peppers that are sweet and tasty.  Also will have lots of Eggplant. We love the the Japanese varieties like Fairy Tale and have learned that you do too.  It goes quickly.

Told most people last week we wouldn't have anyone squash. Well, the squash made a meteorologist out of me.  I was wrong.  Look for those beautiful Zephyr Yellow Squash. They will be front and center.  Also will have Napa Cabbage and Kale. And of course, the magnificent and sensual green onion.

I like and respect meteorologists..  They are kind of like farmers.  They take  a lot of data from the past and try to predict what will happen in the future. You would be overwhelmed at all the information we have about agriculture.  Yet, in spite of all that knowledge, we still haven't mastered agriculture.  The soil is still largely a mystery.  School children know more about distant planets above their heads than the ground under their feet. 

But, like the weatherwoman/man, we soldier on. We don't give up when we miss and we don't gloat too much when we hit it on the head.  We are just grateful for the opportunity to keep trying. I'm sure Meteorologists get great satisfaction when their forecasts line up with your life's plans -- e.g., a sunny dry weekend. And farmers get great satisfaction when our forecasts (like "non-traditional eggplant and peppers and cucumbers") line up with your plans.  

Well, maybe you will have to tweak you plans to try that Boothby Blonde Cucumber. But you won't be sorry.



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