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Farmer's Market July 25, 2020

Posted 7/25/2020 6:38am by Larry Brandenburg.


I love the smell of onions. Raw or cooking.  I especially love their smell when I first pull them out of the ground. The combination of the sweet and pungent layers of the onion in concert with the the minerals of the soil is a heavenly breath of how the earth sustains us.

I got the chance yesterday to pull a couple hundred onions and prep them for today's market.  Usually Beth or Nathan do this but yesterday I got the opportunity for this most wonderful experience.  The buoyant green stalks standing tall and proud after the previous day's inch of rain give way to a bright white bulb, almost pearl like, that still has its life sustaining roots attached.  It takes a long time to clean and prepare 200 of these for market sales.  At $2 a bunch I often feel that it's a lot of work for not much money.  The big farms have machinery that can harvest thousands a day.  An assembly line of washing stations finish the process and then you can pick them up at Kroger a couple weeks later. 

Machines can't smell and assembly lines have no time to ponder the magnificence of the lowly green onion.  Have you ever picked up a bunch of green onions at the grocery and smelled them?  Not much there.  Just an onion.  Just something to add to the soup or salad or a sandwich.  Like buying a box of staples for the office.  Needed -- but where is the joy.

Our onions bring me joy because they reconnect me to the soil.  And that connection is passed on to you.  You become connected to the soil too and you also become connected to the one who brought them forth out of the soil.   A true farmer to eater conncection.

Our relationship is not limited only to onions but also the other vegetables we will have today and the beautiful bouquets Beth has provided. They too are fruits of the soil.

Come today and enjoy the opportunity to connect with a community that is drawn to the wonder of the soil and what it provides for us.

Come and taste, not only with you senses, but also with your soul.




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