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Farmer's Market July 18, 2020

Posted 7/17/2020 9:30pm by Larry Brandenburg.


We are looking forward to another great experience at the St. Matthew's Farmers Market tomorrow, July 18, 2020 from 8:00-12:00.

We will have Kale, Swiss Chard, Spring Onions, Squash, Nappa Cabbage,  and several Flower bouquets.   We still have a few grass-fed/grass finished beef roasts and several pounds of ground beef.

If you are ready to stretch your culinary chops then I suggest you check out our herb boxes.  They are already planted and ready to go.

If you want to help support our natural environment you might want to look over one of our birdhouses.  We have several new ones this week that would look great in your backyard and provide shelter for our fine feathered friends.

This past Tuesday I had a chance to be interviewed for WDRB's morning show. Thanks to a couple of our market's leaders, Stephen Yates and Penny Peavler, they were able to line up four vendors from the market to be  featured on the show.  One per hour, 6-9.  It was great exposure for our market and a lot of fun.  I took one of our herb boxes to demonstrate how you can use it in your kitchen to add that sensory dimension to take your plate to worlds never before explored.  As I often tell people, you are only limited by your imagination.

The herb boxes have been very popular this year. Check out our instagram (harmonyfieldsfarmky) to see a picture of two of them being put to use on a customers back porch

The herb boxes were born of necessity.  One spring about ten years ago we had a late spring killing frost/freeze.  It pretty much wiped out most of our stuff and we were not going to have anything to sell for the first market in May.  I don't know where the inspiration came from but I thought we could repurpose wood from the farm to make boxes with plastic liners planted with organic herbs.  I found a certified organic nursery in Maryland that would ship us trays of organic herbs for our boxes. 

It worked, and as they say -- the rest is history.  We were thrown an unexpected curve ball but responded with what I thought was a one time temporary solution.  

Right now we are all facing an unexpected curve ball from COVID19. I hate all of this right now.  Especially the pain and death experienced by so many. Especially the economic challenges from losing our incomes. Especially the disruption of a way of life that we could predict and count on (most of the time). Especially for all the mental toll of those working the front lines.  Especially for children and all students whose educational expectations have been radically shifted. There is nothing good about any of this.  I'm not looking for a silver lining.

But, I am hoping and praying that like our herb boxes, we can learn how to creatively adapt and be surprised by the outcome.

I was pleasantly surprised.  

I'm looking forward to more pleasant surprises down the road.  

Hope you are too.


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