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Farmer's Market June 13, 2020

Posted 6/12/2020 7:40pm by Larry Brandenburg.


It's been a good week here on the farm. The weather has cooperated and enabled us to get a lot of work done.  We can easily work sunrise to sunset and often do.  It can take a toll on you and sometimes you have to just grab a moment to savor the life the land gives.  It happened this week when we came in for lunch.  Beth had been picking snow peas all morning and it seemed to me that we should use them somehow for our noon meal.  Snow peas are great in stir fry but you need something else to go with them.  I rummaged through the freezer and found some frozen vegetables and rice and we had some leftover steak from the night before.  It only took fifteen minutes and we had a feast for lunch.  However, the star of the dish was the snow peas.  They were bright green with a good crunch and sweet.  We actually took time to enjoy our meal rather than swallowing a sandwich and heading back to the fields.

Sometimes it only takes one thing to take everything else up a notch, to take the ordinary to extraordinary.  Something that takes "pretty good" to WOW! 

We will have these snow peas at the market tomorrow.  You really don't want to miss out on them.

We we also have some sugar snap peas; not many of these but a few pints if you get there early enough.  I also hope that you will be able to take advantage of the marvelous Romaine and Starfighter Lettuce we will have.  Several people have passed our booth and sighed that they wish they had come to our booth first.  I'm trying not to boast, but I can't help but be proud of this years lettuce.  Please don't miss out on it this week.  

Kale and Swiss chard will also be available.  The Swiss chard is big and beautiful and of course Kale is Kale.  Nothing else needs to be said about Kale.  It is still at the top of the superfood chart.

And, finally we will have a few pints (9) of certified organic strawberries.  They have been really slow this year. The epic, unexpected freeze a month ago really stunted their growth.  And that's after we stayed up into the early morning covering them with row cover!  But, we now have some and they are amazing.  I love strawberries and will buy the organic varieties available in the groceries but they are nothing like local, organic strawberries.  I wish we had more to share with you but those who come early will get a treat for sure.  

Beth will have a few bouquets this week as well as herbs and herb boxes and heirloom tomato transplants.  

Don't forget dear old Dad as Father's Day is approaching quickly.  A handcrafted Bird House made by my 88 year old father-in-law would be the perfect gift for any father or grandfather. 

The weather will be very nice tomorrow morning.  The market is now allowing families to come together to the market.  I would love to see you and/or your children munching on some snow peas or strawberries as you wander off from our booth to explore the other offerings of the market.

And, hopefully you will find something that will transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  

Sometimes all it takes is a few snow peas .

Thank you for supporting our local organic farm.  Beth and Nathan and I really appreciate you.



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