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Farmer's Market June 6, 2020

Posted 6/5/2020 9:58pm by Larry Brandenburg.


They say it takes about sixty days to establish a new habit.  Over thirty years ago we began the habit of recycling rather than throwing stuff away. That's a long timeline to establish a habit.  And it became second nature; just like getting up and putting your clothes on in the morning.  When our children would have friends over for a meal it was always interesting to see how the guests dealt with their trash and food scraps. Most everything went in the garbage can.  This would bring a kind reprimand from the boys that you don't do that. They also taught them about how to compost certain food scraps.

During the pandemic our recycling center here in Shelbyville shut down.  The waste facility gave a price break on garbage so that we could throw things away that we were used to recycling.  It's really hard to break a thirty year habit and it was very awkward and uncomfortable.  We really didn't know what to do. It was painful to throw away things into the landfill.

I hope that coming to the farmers market will become a habit. And that when you can't come you will have an awkward, uncomfortable and lost feeling.  If you come see us this week we will have Romaine and Stargazer lettuce, Swiss Chard, some Asparagus, a little bit of  Kale and some Apple Mint.

Also we will have our 100% grass-fed/finished beef.

Maybe you will develop an interest in composting that will also turn into a habit.  It's a miraculous process that turns something that looks useless into an incredibly rich amendment for our soil.  We compost everything we can but it is still not enough to meet our farm needs.  We are fortunate that there is a composing facility in Lexington that is approved for organic use that enables us to purchase large quantities for use here on the farm.Yesterday we had thirty yards (about 18-20 tons) of compost delivered.  It looks like a huge mountain right in front of one of our fields.  We will be applying it to areas that need it and it will help our soil develop the nutrients needed to feed our plants. This is a really good habit to establish.

So I encourage you to take on a sixty day challenge. Establish the habit of depending on local farmers for most of your food.  And start composting vegetable scraps.  It will take about a year for the compost to form (using the static cold composting method) or you can speed it up by turning the pile weekly.  If you want any tips, just see me at the market and I'll be glad to help.

See ya tomorrow.

Let's make it a habit.


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