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2020 CSA May29-30

Posted 5/29/2020 10:35am by Larry Brandenburg.


As you are planning your meals for next week be sure to find a recipe that includes Swiss Chard.

In case you aren't familiar with this colorful and tasty vegetable, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Swiss Chard is in the same family as beets and spinach.  In fact, beets and Swiss Chard have almost identical seeds and I have been known to plant what I thought was beets (or vice versa) to only later discover I was wrong.

Swiss Chard has an incredible nutritional profile and like many other fresh organic vegetables can benefit your health in multiple ways.

It is also very versatile in the kitchen.  It can be added to salad mixes, sautéed in a little olive oil, added to stews and soups, baked into chips (similar to Kale chips) substituted for basil or other herbs for making pesto, added as a pizza topping, stuffed with goat cheese in chicken breasts, etc, etc, etc.  As you can tell, its use is limited only by your culinary imagination.  Most uses involve removing the leaf from the stem and only using the leaf part but I have heard some chefs say they like to pickle the stems.  [I just paused and did a quick online search for how to use Swiss chard stems and I am overwhelmed by all the uses. Sautés, roasting, stuffing, baking -- you name it.] Try something new and adventurous and we will share your creation with all our CSA partners.

This will be the last week for the Red Bok Choy (sometimes this is also called Pak Choi) as the warm weather has caused it to bolt.  It does not like the fluctuations between cool and hot weather we have been having and it has been tricked to go to seed (what the term bolt refers to) as it is now interested in preserving itself for the future.  But do enjoy this wonderful Asian green for one more time until perhaps we see it again in the fall.

Kale, Asparagus and Apple Mint will also be in your bag this week as well as a couple heads of lettuce. 

The strawberries are still struggling to get out of the starting gate.  They are coming on but more like the "Old Gray Mare" than Secretariat. We were only able to get enough picked this week to share with those who pick up here at the farm.  Next week we will have some for market pick up and may need to do this alternating plan until they are more consistent in production.  Everyone will get their equal share.  It may just be spread out over a few weeks.

We are hoping to get some tomatoes in the ground today.  The weather has not been cooperative but it dried out enough for us to get some beds prepped for planting.  It looks like today may be the last rainy day for awhile and we hope to get a lot done in the fields over the next several days.

For those who are picking up today at the farm, please text or call Beth at 502-640-0043 and she (or me) will bring it out to your car.  Our best chance of rain today is 5-7 and hopefully this will make it more convenient for you.

Also, if you ever want to do drive through pick up at the market, please let us know and we can talk you through how that is done.  It is very easy and convenient in case you don't need to do other shopping at the market. 

Again, thank you for your support of our local organic CSA.  We do look forward to that time that we can actually stand close enough to talk and get to know you better and to actually be able to see that smile now obscured by your mask. 





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