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Farmer's Market 11-3-19

Posted 11/3/2019 8:26am by Larry Brandenburg.


One of my favorite English Carols has the line "Past three o clock, and a cold and frosty morning." 

That's what it's been like the last few mornings out on the farm.  Cold and frosty.  But, we were able to harvest a lot of stuff before the "cold and frosty morning" set upon us and if you come to Rainbow Blossom on Lexington Rd today from noon-4:00 pm you will be singing carols of joy that in the first week of November you can still have heirloom tomatoes and egg plant as well as wonderful greens and winter squash and what will surely be the last of the flowers.

Come out today and visit with Jeremy and Sydney (remember they are both professional chefs --anxious to answer all your culinary questions) and continue to support local, organic food.



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