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Farmer's Market 10-27-19

Posted 10/27/2019 7:50am by Larry Brandenburg.


I can't seem to get in the rhythm of sending out an email for a Sunday market.  That is until Beth says, "Have you sent the email?"

So here it is.

Jeremy and Sydney will be at Rainbow Blossom today from noon till 4:00.  We have some beautiful tomatoes (Cherries and Big ones) as well as broccoli, kale, collards, winter squash, egg plant and , believe it or not, we still have plenty of GHOST PEPPERS!!  Just in time for Halloween!  I'm sure they would make great treats for your office Halloween party.  Come load up and be ready to accept all the praise and gratitude from your work colleagues.

So far the frosts we have had have not taken down anything.  Sounds like this coming weekend could be a different story if the forecast holds up.  Killing frost is being predicted fro either Friday or Saturday.  I'll let you know next week.

Hope you can make it out today.  No rain.  Sounds like it could be a beautiful day.


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