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Farmer’s Market 8-17-19

Posted 8/16/2019 9:08pm by Larry Brandenburg.


This has been a productive but hard week. JCPS started this week which means Beth was at school everyday and Jeremy and Sydney took a week off for a short vacation to Colorado. Not as much labor available as normal but we seemed to get everything done. Oh, and today (Aug 16) Beth and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary. Well, not much of a celebration as Beth went straight to the field to cut flowers and is now (almost 10:00 Friday night) making bouquets. No special dinner out but I did make some braised chicken thighs with carrots and honey/ balsamic sauce. Also did arugula salad with a fig/honey/shallot/balsamic dressing topped off with toasted chopped walnuts and crispy thin country ham chips. Beth said it was better than anything would get out at a restaurant but she was probably just being nice!

Usually I do these emails early Saturday morning but I’m anticipating some extra responsibilities in the morning that may prevent me from doing it. I’m glad our tomatoes are starting to come in and we have some very nice basal to pair with it. Also the Zuchinni continues its prolific march toward exhaustion. 

Do come see us tomorrow. Maybe we can share with you how we used cherry tomatoes, basil and sage (all three available at the booth) to make an amazing Italian meal. Even used more of the Kentucky prosciutto — aka, country ham. 

May be warm tomorrow so leave sweaters and jackets at home and head on over to see us. 


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