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Farmer's Market 7-20-19

Posted 7/20/2019 6:21am by Larry Brandenburg.


Got a little heat wave going on.  Beth and I both look like we just climbed out of the pond after falling in.  And that was at 5:00 this morning when we were setting up!  I do encourage you to come early.  We will finally have some squash this week and it is really delicious.  As I shared earlier, we are about 4-6 weeks behind on all the "normal" summer crops but we have new plantings going in every week.

It may be a couple weeks till we have more lettuce.  We have found that by setting out transplants of lettuce (we used to do everything by direct seeding) that the lettuce can put on enough growth before bolting that produces a really nice head of lettuce.  However, it was just too hot this week to put it out so it will have to wait for cooler weather next week.

Hot peppers love heat.  They produce more intense capsaicin (that's the stuff in the seeds and membranes that really brings the heat) as they attempt to ward off pests and disease.  Usually hot weather will bring out all the bad guys that like to eat your produce.  Peppers have a built in defense mechanism that really kicks in when the pressure is on.  

We are growing some yellow ghost peppers this year.  It will be a while before they are ready but they are already looking good.  I can't wait to bite into one and set myself on fire!

So, it seems that there are parts of nature that can turn negative into a positive.  That is if you think hot peppers really should be hot. And I do. But, what is pleasure for some is pain for others.  That's why we have bell peppers and other types of sweet peppers. Everything balances out nicely.

We have struggled this week with the heat and humidity.  Starting earlier really only gives you a couple of hours before it kicks in.  Anything after 3:00 is truly miserable. This week I was wishing to be a hot pepper. 

I will admit that's during times like this that I wonder why are we doing this.  Then I think of our friend the hot pepper who has found a way to turn a challenge into a success. So we will keep going, hoping that our challenges will also turn into success because this work is really worth doing.  Good for us and good for you.

May you find only pleasure in all the peppers of you life.  But, if you bite into a hot pepper that brings pain, remember that it only last for a few minutes.  

Keep cool,


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