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Farmers Market 6-15-19

Posted 6/15/2019 6:33am by Larry Brandenburg.


We are looking forward to another great day at the market. Looks like the rain will hold off till this afternoon.  

We have taken advantage of the last couple of dry days to get more planting and field prep done.  Yesterday we covered an area with ten 100 ft beds with ground cover (also known as landscape fabric) to help us with weed control.  We will burn holes where we want to plant. This was very labor intensive to set up but hopefully it will  save us lots of time and labor in the future.

We are happy to have Jeremy back working with us on a full-time basis.  He is taking a sabbatical from his restaurant job to get some fresh air and exercise.  I did ask him for a suggestion for a recipe that combines snow peas, kale and June apples. He would char the snow peas in a heavy skillet, massage the kale leaves (brings out more sweetness and makes more tender) and cut up the apples to make a salad.  The apples are pretty tart so you may want to make a sweet balsamic dressing to go on the salad.

We will have plenty of Kale, Snow Peas and June Apples today.  I'm pretty sure that we are the only farm that offers local, organic apples.  And we don't have them every year but we do this year.  I hope we have some leftovers today because I think that salad idea sounds great.

Next week you will have an opportunity to meet Jeremy at the market from 9:00-noon.  I'm calling it "Ask a Chef Saturday" so plan on stopping in next Saturday too.

Thank you for making it possible for us to continue to bring local, organic food to you each week.  See ya soon!


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