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Farmer's Market 6-8-19

Posted 6/8/2019 6:39am by Larry Brandenburg.


May have a little rain today but it hopefully it won't discourage people from coming out and supporting their local farmers.  Rain has been in the news quite a bit lately.  I heard one young farmer interviewed on NPR who said she doubted they would get a crop in this year. She farms with her father in Arkansas and the the fields are not going to dry out enough for them to put in their corn and soybeans.  Her father has farmed this land for fifty years.

The rain is keeping us from getting crops in too.  You see the ground has to be dry enough to work with tillage tools.  Then it must sit there for a few weeks for the soil biology to do its trick of breaking down the raw materials.  Then it has to be dry enough to prepare a seed bed.  Then it has to be dry enough to plant.  This can easily put a farmer behind six to eight weeks.  And, all this rain can have a negative effect on plants already in the ground as the ground becomes waterlogged and disease takes advantage of the wet conditions to attack the plants.

But, we work through this and eventually everything seems to work out .  Usually.  It's nice that we have crops we can grow in succession that don't have to have one window of opportunity like the commodity crops that Arkansas farmer grows.

We will probably have asparagus for the last time today.  Also have some very nice lettuce.  We are happy to have Jeremy back working for us.  He started this week and got more accomplished in two days than I can in two weeks.  It's nice to be young.

Please come see us today.  We enjoy your company even if we don't have something that you need today.  


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