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Farmer's Market 6-1-19

Posted 6/1/2019 7:52am by Larry Brandenburg.


Sorry for the late delivery but I had some computer issues this morning.  

What a beautiful morning. Last week it was hot and humid and this week we have cool temps and low humidity.  We had about two and a half inches of rain this week.  It's nice to not have to irrigate, I just wish we could have a couple days of dry in between.  Some awful weather west of the Mississippi has brought destruction from tornadoes and floods to a lot of farmland.  I have read that many farmer's will not be able to recover from the flood damage and that their crop insurance will not pay for their losses. 

Organic farmers have not had access to crop insurance until recently. And, it is limited in what it will cover -- mainly commodity row crops like corn and soybean.  Vegetable farmers are a much more challenging group to cover as we do so most of our sales by direct markets such as Farmers Markets and CSA. There is no standard price for each variety of vegetable as you have with commodity crops where the market determines the price.  We determine our price based on how much it costs to produce, profitability and what local market prices may be.  Sometimes I will even check local groceries.

It would be nice to have some insurance right now.  The weather has kept us from getting in the field and we have lost some transplants because we couldn't  get them set.  It would be nice to have insurance to cover that month of sales of tomatoes that we won't have because they are still sitting in trays.  

The Amish don't carry insurance.  If there is a disaster, the whole community jumps in to help out.  Barn burns down.  Raise a new one with materials and labor from the community. I think they call this self-insurance.

I guess that's what we have too.  It may not pay for a new barn or a lost crop but it expresses itself every Saturday when you come out to the market to "insure" that we will be able to still be in business. You are a part of our community and without you there is no us.  You get to hear about the successes and challenges on the farm.  You know our story. Many of you have been with us for years.  Others are new to the community but have joined right in with enthusiastic support.

Come out today and check out the lettuce and asparagus.  Or, how about some fresh herbs to bring some wow to that dish you will cook tonight?  

Thanks for insuring that your local organic farmers will still be around bringing you all the healthy, wholesome goodness you deserve in you food.


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