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Farmer's Market 5-25-19

Posted 5/25/2019 6:13am by Larry Brandenburg.


Again, we are having unseasonably warm temperatures.  Not everyone is getting the same rain though.  We have had quite a bit this week but some of the other farmers I was visiting with this week haven't gotten any.

Weather variables like this are one of the reasons we need many small, diversified farms to meet our local food needs.  This is referred to as Food Security. When I first heard this term I thought it meant safe food, and yes, food safety is very important and part of Food Security, but this really refers to how secure is our food supply.  What if I have a spell of really hot and rainy weather and it effects my crops?  And what if everyone in my community was depending on me?  By having many other small farms, it mitigates the risk for our community.  Pretty important.  Should be at the top of the list for everyone.  As Wendell Berry said, "If you eat, you're involved in agriculture."

So fellow eaters -- welcome to my world. And yours.  Earlier this year there was a recall of Romaine lettuce .  It got so bad that people were encouraged to avoid purchasing ANY Romaine lettuce.  It seems that most of the Romaine produced in our country comes from farms in Arizona that raise thousands of acres of lettuce.  They had major problems with salmonella or e coli (can't remember which) and it infected their entire crop. Therefore, it was assumed there was no safe lettuce in the entire universe since it all comes from one place.  This is Food Insecurity.  That's another reason for buying local, organic food.

We have Romaine lettuce today and it is amazing in quality and taste.  Red lettuce is also in abundance and we have more asparagus, but in limited quantity.  I had to mow down all the Asparagus this week in order to give it a new start as it was being smothered out by grass.  Not weeds, just beautiful, tall fescue, orchard grass and bluegrass.  Would have made wonderful hay and I almost hated mowing it. But, it was winning the competition and needed to be stopped.

I encourage you to come early today.  It's going to be very hot and humid. 

See ya soon.


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