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Farmer's Market 9-8-18

Posted 9/8/2018 5:41am by Larry Brandenburg.


Went through some light rain on the way in this morning but not raining here at St. Matthew' s Farmer's Market (at 6:15 am).  I hope the rain holds off till later in the afternoon and I hope that people will still come out and support their farmers.  I don't know any farmers who see the weather forecast and say, "guess I'll skip this week".  Vegetables are harvested weekly and in order to have the freshest quality that you expect then we must be here rain or shine.  Not really a choice.  Plus, if we stay home then I will also stay home Monday rather than making that nice journey to the bank to deposit the "fruits" of our labor.  For some farmers this market is a significant portion of their weekly income.  So, I encourage you to come out today and encourage you friends and family and even random strangers you may run into this morning while you are out walking the dog to join the festivities rain or shine.

I'm moving a little slow this morning.  Somehow I managed to clumsily trip over my own two feet while loading this morning.  I was able to catch myself against a wall and did not go down but I heard a loud snap when I tripped and I think I may have torn a ligament or tendon.  All I know is that it is incredibly painful and when you see me today I will probably be seated and may not rise to greet you. Beth thought maybe we shouldn't come, but like the weather, not really a choice.  

Beth has lots of flowers this week and she knows that you will need them to brighten up you day, and your tomorrow, with all the rain that's suppose to come later.  She was even able to harvest some sunflowers that I knocked down last week.  They continued to grow and bloom while laying down flat on the ground.  So, if  a sunflower can continue to bloom after being knocked down, I guess we can too.  Not going to let rain or personal injury stop us.  Come check out the blooming flowers and farmers today.

Gotta make this short this morning so I can get back to being what help I can to Beth.  Counting today there are only four more Saturday's for the market.  Wow. It's gone fast. 

Looking forward to see y'all today. 

Larry and Beth

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