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Farmer's Market 9-1-18

Posted 9/1/2018 5:53am by Larry Brandenburg.


It's Labor Day Weekend!  Time to fire up those grills!

It's the start of college football! Time to fire up those grills! 

You have the grill but something seems to be missing.  Something that will make this weekend super special.  Something you can only get today. From Harmony Fields Farm at the St. Matthew's Farmer's Market from 8:00-12:00 noon. 

Of course I'm talking about our Grass Fed/Finished Ground Beef.  And, to make it really easy for you, we are going to continue our sale for $6/lb. I have brought enough to meet everyone's needs.

We also continue to have certified organic vegetables and herbs.  And flowers.

Would have had more flowers if I hadn't run over some sunflowers yesterday.  The weeds and grass had gotten out of hand in the row next to the zinnias and Beth had asked me to mow so it would be easier to get in and cut flowers.  No problem except she also had a few sunflowers growing next to the zinnias that I assured her I would mow around.

I was careful and it seemed to work out well.  Beth gets home from school around 5:00 and immediately heads out to the field(s). I was up at the barn trying to unwind a coil of high tensile wire I had run over with the bushog and was a tangled mess when I heard her screaming.  Thought something bad had happened and ran up to the front house field.  Seems I mowed down a few sunflowers and she was not happy.  Really, really not happy. Not only did I profusely apologize while crawling around in the dirt on my knees, begging for forgiveness, but I was dumbfounded.  How did this happen.

All I can figure out is that I may have turned around to look at what the 6 ft. mower was doing and while doing this may have adjusted my straight path.  When I turned around I may have realized this and over compensated.  I never looked back again.

So, by not looking ahead I caused significant damage.  I've done this before when plowing or laying black plastic mulch or cultivating.  I was taught, and know, that the only way to keep a straight line is to look off in the distance and find a tree or fence post that can serve as a guide.  Keep your eyes looking forward and never look back.

So many lessons we learn on the farm are applicable to regular old daily living.  If we would just keep looking forward.  Keep our eye on something to guide us.  Keep going on toward the goal.  I have always told my children to learn from the past but never dwell there.  Move forward toward a positive future and embrace the present and all that it gives you.

I had forgotten what it was like to sleep on the couch in the living room but eventually Beth will forgive me.  If I can just keep her from looking back. Move forward and enjoy life and next year we will plant a lot more sunflowers.

Larry and Beth 

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