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Farmer's Market 8-18-18

Posted 8/18/2018 6:15am by Larry Brandenburg.


The Ky State Fair began a couple days ago.  Originally the State Fair was all about agriculture.  Livestock, produce and good eats were showcased for all the state to see.  Blue ribbons were in abundance for the best cake, best in show (livestock) and best hand of tobacco.  Back then tobacco leaves were stripped off the stalk and tied in "hands."  A tight hand with a perfect wrap was something to be proud of.  There was even a tractor driving contest!

I hope that if you go to the Fair you will spend some time in the Agriculture displays.  Just don't go today between 8:00-12:00 noon.  That's when we will be set up at the St. Matthew's Farmer's Market in the parking lot of Beargrass Christian Church.

Actually, each Saturday at the Market is like a mini State Fair.  You can find agricultural products grown here in Kentucky.  However, there won't be any blue ribbons passed out.

I watch with amazement each week as hundreds (maybe thousands) walk by, some at a fast pace, others lingering at each tent to see what may catch their eye.  Some come with a pad and pencil and you can tell they have a serious list of groceries to pick up for the week.  Others wander aimlessly allowing spontaneous unconnected thoughts drive them to try something they have never heard of.  Happens all the time for us with Fairy Tale Eggplant.  Some people come every week.  Some once a month and some for the first time. Some are confused by all the labels such as local, natural, GMO free, hormone free, chemical free and organic. Some are looking for a good deal, others want to pay more.

We have a gentleman who comes each week and buys two large, juicy and delicious heirloom tomatoes.  They are $3 apiece but each week he insists that I take seven dollars.  One dollar more.  May not seem like much but it may be that one dollar we need to break our sales record.  Or one dollar to keep us form setting a new low.

However, the real value in that dollar is not monetary.

There is no monetary remuneration with the blue ribbons at the Fair.  Just satisfaction in knowing you have done well.  For us that extra dollar is our blue ribbon.  That's a value that can't be expressed by dollar signs.  And we get lots of other blue ribbons when you stop and say a kind word or share a story or have a question about something you are growing. Sometimes it may be a smile when you walk by.  A smile that says, "I really like what your doing but I really don't need anything today." Lot's of blue ribbons handed out each week.

Come share in those values today as you choose from locally grown, freshly harvested certified organic produce.  Or perhaps some grassfed beef.  Or flowers. Or herbs.  Even if you don't need anything today, we appreciate that blue ribbon smile you send our way.

Larry and Beth 


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