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Farmers Market 8-4-2018

Posted 8/4/2018 6:05am by Larry Brandenburg.


I heard on the news that the computer/tech company Apple is now valued at One Trillion dollars! They didn't mention Harmony Fields Farm.

I must admit that it would be nice to have little more money.  Upgrade some equipment.  Get some repairs done.  Finally implement some of the dreams we have for this farm that would take additional monetary resources.  But, I'm glad that our value is not determined by how big we are or how much money we make.  Our value is determined by what we can offer you, our community, by providing local organic food.  Our value is determined by how we strive to be responsible stewards of the land.  Our value is determined by those deep rooted convictions that local, organic food is good for our local economy.  And our value is determined by those we are surrounded by.  That would be you. 

Without people who share our convictions, we would not exist.  Part of sustainability is financial sustainability and you make it possible for to continue to continue to pursue this dream. 

The smart people who study this stuff say that there are three legs to the sustainability stool: 1)Environmental sustainability, 2)Economic sustainability, and 3)Social Justice sustainability.  These are the goals we pursue.  Organic farming is the most sustainable farming system. If we can't be profitable then we would not be able to meet the food needs of our community. And, we are fair and equitable in how we treat people, All people.  We pay our employees well above minimum wage (that is, when we are fortunate enough to find people to work!) and we try to do our part in sharing what we raise with those who can't afford to buy food.  

So, come out today and be a part of our sustainable community.  We have heirloom tomatoes that will awaken taste buds you didn't know you had.  We are still running our steak sale for $13.50/lb (normally $16.50) and also have ground beef that will produce a burger that with such depth of flavor that you will not have sufficient vocabulary to express the experience of that first bite.  And, many other cuts grass fed - grass finished beef.

Fairy Tale eggplant, fresh cut Basil, Yellow Squash, Beans and much more await you. Also, don't forget to pick up a fresh bouquet to take home.

When I go to the bank Monday morning to make our weekly deposit I doubt that the balance in the farm account is going to draw much attention from Wall Street.  However, because you do support us, it draws attention to who we are and what we are supposed to be doing.  And we value that.

Thank you!

Larry and Beth

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