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Farmer's Market -- July 28, 2018

Posted 7/28/2018 5:53am by Larry Brandenburg.


Recently I saw a statistic revealing the average age of the American farmer to be around 59 yrs. old.  I guess it's been a few years since I could be considered average. I am now above average. You might say I am becoming an heirloom.  Something from the past that still has value in the present.

Tomatoes are often referred to as heirlooms if they are the old open pollenated varieties.  For years we only grew heirlooms but gradually moved away from them because they are very fragile and very non-uniform in appearance.  Modern consumers are very much influenced by the uniformity of supermarket tomatoes.  They all look alike and they all taste alike.  We found some nice organic hybrid varieties to grow that have good flavor and are easier to pick and bring to market.  

However, this year we decided to go back to some heirlooms and put some Cherokee Purple in the high tunnel.  They were doing well but have recently been hit with late blight.  Fortunately they are still producing and we have some available today for you at the market.  They aren't pretty but nothing matches the flavor they bring to your plate!

We are continuing our steak sale today.  All ribeyes and strips are only $13.50/lb. (regularly $16.50) and we also have ground beef, roasts and brisket.  All local grassfed and grassfinished.

Fairy Tale Eggplant, Squash and Basil are also available as well as lettuce.  We were very, very late getting things out this year so we are eagerly awaiting the rest of the bounty to come in soon.

Sometimes us heirlooms need a little extra care.  Beth and I don't have the flexibility that we once had.  We may even get tired a little sooner than we wish.  We may not look like we did when we were 25, but, like those heirloom tomatoes that are thin skinned and knobby, we too have a  richness of flavor on the inside that only being "above average" can bring.

So, come hang out with some above average folks and veggies today. Going to be a really nice day.

Larry and Beth

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