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Farmers Market July 21

Posted 7/21/2018 5:52am by Larry Brandenburg.


I’m typing this on my phone this morning as there is no internet connection for the computer. Apparently the storms from yesterday and last night had knocked out some of the technology access in this area. 

So, this will be short and sweet or as Sgt. Friday would say, “Just the facts m’am.” 

The facts are:

We are here  We have lettuce, basil, squash and fairy tale eggplant. We also have grass fed/grass finished strip and ribeye steak, sirloin tip roasts, brisket, filet mignon, and ground beef.

We also have potted herbs and herb boxes, fresh cut flowers and the amazing handcrafted ( from wood on the farm) birdhouses.

i think the weather will be fine during market hours. Right now it is very pleasant  We did not have any storm damage but did get almost 3 inches of rain.

We hope to see you today.  Thanks for supporting local organic farming.

Larry and Beth



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