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Farmer's Market -- June 30, 2018

Posted 6/30/2018 6:21am by Larry Brandenburg.


As I picked up a large box of herbs to unload this morning some of them brushed up against my face and I was overwhelmed by a fragrant and fresh odor that awakened more than just my sense of smell.  I was reminded that we can chose those things which awaken something deep inside us and thanks to Rosemary, Thyme, Dill and Basil, I was able to be transported from the stifling humidity and heat into my own little world beauty and wonder, if only for a few seconds of time.   That's what fresh, local produce, herbs, etc. can do.

When you buy from farmers you know, and you know how these farmers grow, you are then helping to close the circle.  A circle that began when that seed catalog came in the mail and we decided to order that variety.  A circle that began last year as we put the "beds" to bed for the winter with compost and cover crop so that the soil would be nourished as it rested in anticipation of those new seeds finding a home and a place to grow. When you take your organic produce home and prepare it, continues to nourish and find symbiosis with a new "home."

So, venture out this morning (I know it is hot and humid) not just to shop but also to experience something that can have a deep impact on you and the world.

Often the market has a special emphasis and today it is a celebration of the Fourth of July!!  That event won't happen until Wednesday but you can prepare today by picking up some wonderful grass-fed/grass-finished beef for your cookout.  We have steaks and burgers that will meet your needs as well as some delicious produce to round things out.

I have been asked to lead a sing along of patriotic songs at 10:00 so I will be slipping away to lead this impressive endeavor as all of us join our voices together in some of our favorites patriotic songs.  As a farmer I really enjoy singing about the "amber waves of grain" and "Above the fruited plain." This imagery speaks to me as to how rooted our country is in farming.  Woody Guthrie's "This Land is your Land" is another one that speaks to the importance of the land -- New York Island, Redwood Forest, Gulf Stream waters.  This land was made for you and me.  That's one of the main reasons we do what we do at Harmony Fields Farm.  We know that this land was made for you and me and we all must share together in taking care of it.

Lot's going on today.  Come and experience this miraculous community that springs up each week.  Please come shop. But, be open to more that just that -- be ready to have an experience that can touch you even deeper.

Larr and Beth

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