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Farmer's Market -- June 23, 2018

Posted 6/23/2018 5:50am by Larry Brandenburg.


We will be back in our same old spot today after taking last week off for our son's wedding.  Outdoor weddings seem to be very popular these days and they chose the Oxmoor Estate, right down the road from our market, to tie the knot last Saturday at 5:30.  The time is important because I believe it was about 95 degrees with 150% humidity.  And I'm in a suit.  It was a beautiful setting and a beautiful wedding with local flowers (some from our farm) and local food served.  My father-in-law, Bill Newman, made a beautiful arbor from cedar off his farm (the one Beth grew up on) and Matthew and Claire stood in front of it as they exchanged vows.  The only negative about last Saturday was that we did not get to see you all at the market.  But hopefully we can make up for that today.

Squash is coming in now and it won't be long before other summer crops will be ready.  Today will probably be the last day for snow peas.  Kale, Swiss Chard, Beets and Onions are also available.

At last weeks rehearsal dinner for the wedding we provided all the beef (steak and ground beef) which the caterer used to make some incredible Mexican food.  You too can do this at home using our grass-fed/grass-finished beef. It will be available today.

We were eating at a well-known restaurant this week which claims to serve local grass fed beef.  It is true and I know the farm where they source this beef.  The challenge is that it is grass-fed but they also finish on corn for the last thirty days.  If you do this you actually lose the advantage of the healthy fats that come from a total grass diet.  So, if you are eating grass-fed as part of a balanced healthy diet, please be sure that the animals are only fed grass. Period.  Any beef you buy from us has only been fed grass.

Maybe today you would like to consider one of the wood products we offer.  As I mentioned earlier, Beth's father made the arbor for the wedding (outdoor wedding, 95 degrees -- not that it bothered me) out of cedar off the farm.  For the last few years we have been repurposing wood from the farm to make herb boxes, compost boxes and birdhouses.  Actually, it's Beth's 86 year old father who does this.  He is now retired, no more farming. (He was still raising crops and cattle last year)  Several years ago he converted an old hog house into a shop and has been turning out pieces that are truly works of art.  Especially the birdhouses.  They are more folk art than birdhouse, but actually can function for a bird abode. 

So, come see us today.  Weather is supposed to be nicer. This miraculous little community (St. Matthew's Farmer's Market) is rapidly going up right now.  What was a vacant parking lot is being transformed into a vibrant community of people dedicated to meeting the needs of this community.  Come today and be a part of this amazing place.

Larry and Beth 


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