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Farmer's Market -- June 2, 2018

Posted 6/2/2018 6:57am by Larry Brandenburg.


One of my favorite crops to harvest in the spring are the spring onions.  The earthy smell is intoxicating and the taste is so satisfying.  We will have these for the next several weeks.

Kale is one of the "super foods" that provides so many important things our bodies need.  We like the curly kale and hope you will too.

Lettuces are not liking this hot weather.  They like to bolt (that means go to seed) when the temperatures get this warm this early.   Steady temperatures in the 90's in the month of May is not normal but we have a couple of varieties that seem to be doing well, especially Magenta, a red tipped green lettuce that is very succulent.

Looks like next week we are going to get a break in the weather.  It would be nice if things could dry out and we could get in the fields and get the rest of our stuff planted.

It is nice out this morning.

Come see us.

Larry and Beth 

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