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Farmer's Market -- May 26, 2018

Posted 5/26/2018 5:57am by Larry Brandenburg.


Come see us today and get some fine grass-fed/finished beef for the holiday weekend.  

Also, today we will have lettuce, radishes, cilantro, pak choy, swiss chard and arugula.  The spicy, peppery bite of arugula is especially good on sandwiches or burgers.  Or just throw it in with some lettuce to give some spice to your salad.

If you have been afraid to buy any romaine lettuce lately due to the lettuce scare, then don't worry, we have some wonderful romaine available for you to take home today.

If this weekend is the "unofficial" beginning of summer, then the weather is surely reinforcing that.  It is hot and humid already at this time in the morning and will probably get even more so as the morning progresses.  So, come early and avoid the heat. 

Look forward to see you today.

Larry and Beth

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