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Market Opens Tomorrow!!

Posted 5/11/2018 9:42pm by Larry Brandenburg.


The St. Matthew's Farmer's Market makes it's 2018 entrance tomorrow morning from 8:00-12:00.

We will be there with the most amazing local, organic asparagus you have ever tasted.

Also, don't pass up the chance to get some herb transplants to put out in the garden.  It should be safe now.  I think the warmer weather is here to stay.

If you don't have room for a garden then take home an herb box already planted with organic herbs all ready to go.  A culinary treasure to sit on your kitchen counter that you can harvest from whenever the need arises.

Sunday is Mother's Day so think about one of these herb boxes as a present for Mom. Or a matching compost bin. Or a matching utensil holder. Or one of the many handcrafted bird houses that Beth's father makes from wood on the farm.

The spring weather has been challenging but now it looks like things are making a turn for the better.  So, keep coming each week and be surprised by the new bounty of produce available for your gastronomic delight.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Larry and Beth

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