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Farmer's Market -- September 30, 2017

Posted 9/30/2017 6:27am by Larry Brandenburg.


Only three weeks left for the St. Matthew's Farmers Market.  The bounty keeps coming in and this week we will add Okra, Beets and Radishes to the mix.  Are you craving a nice salad this week?  You can get tomatoes, lettuce and radishes in one stop at our booth.

How about picking up one of those herb boxes you have been eyeing all summer.  You can have fresh culinary herbs all winter in the convenience of your own home!

Grass fed/finished beef choices this week include: steaks(New York Strip, Ribeye and Filet), Roasts and Ground Beef.  Incredible flavor in all these cuts and all the health benefits of grass fed/finished to boot.

We are going to offer a fall CSA this year. It will begin Oct. 14 and run till December 16.  Pick up will be every two weeks instead of every week.  The first pick up will be at the St. Matthew's Farmers on our last day there, Oct. 14.  There will also be a meat option where we will provide cuts of our grass fed/finished meat.  The Vegetable Share will be $190 for the 10 weeks and if you wish to add on the beef it would be an additional $175.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Should be a beautiful day today.  Beth has the prettiest flowers you have ever seen.  Come brighten you home and life with a bouquet that has captured all the beauty and energy of the sun growing in our organic fields this week.

Thanks for supporting local, organic farming.



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