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Farmer's Market September 16, 2017

Posted 9/15/2017 10:12pm by Larry Brandenburg.


I guess that summer decided to make one last appearance before fall officially comes in next week.  I think it will be good for our tomatoes.  Even though I have very much enjoyed the cooler temperatures, our friends in the Nightshade family have not. They have been hanging around for a some time in the green stage but hopefully will go red with the warmer temperatures.

We actually have a tomato that is green that is supposed to be green.  It is called a Green Zebra and it is solid green throughout.  It is a wonderfully sweet and juicy fruit, especially when used as a salad tomato.

Speaking of salads, we will have four varieties of lettuce tomorrow.  Lettuce really enjoys the cool weather so I guess it's a trade off.  This lettuce must be really good because the deer sure have been enjoying it.  They come up and eat the middle right out of it.  Ruins it for us but I guess it gives them good nutrition.  Fortunately we have planted enough that we can harvest some for you too.

Beets and Swiss chard are in the same family.  And it seems they decided to be ready at the same time.  We are pulling the beets as "baby" beets so you can also use the tops as greens.  Kind of like a two for one special.  Swiss Chard is just really pretty.  And tasty.

In addition to the Green Zebra tomatoes, we will have several heirloom as well as our ever popular cherry tomatoes. One of the restaurants we do business with bought 30 pints this week and told me they were the best tomatoes they have bought all year!  I do think they are really good.  We will have about 60 pints tomorrow.

We have started to sell our grass-fed, grass finished beef.  The ground beef we have is an 80/20 grind which is a perfect mix of of lean and fat.  That results in an incredibly juicy and flavorful burger.  I gave a pound to one of the chefs we do business with and he was very impressed. I actually think he was surprised at how good grass fed beef could be . Perhaps he will become a convert! We will also have some ribeye steaks and roasts.  If you have never cooked grass-fed beef before, please ask me how to do it.  It requires some different techniques than cooking with factory farmed industrial beef.

Weather should be nice tomorrow.  If you are tailgating at the big game, come early and get some ground beef to grill.  We will have a lot of other stuff too so swing on by and say "Hey."  

Thank you for your support.


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