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Farmer's Market -- September 2, 2017

Posted 9/2/2017 6:28am by Larry Brandenburg.


In case you were wondering, the St. Matthew's market is open for business this morning.  Rain or shine.

I will admit that it was not much fun harvesting and preparing for the market in the pouring rain yesterday.

I will admit that I didn't enjoy the drive into Louisville this morning in the rain on wet roads.

I will admit that unloading and setting up was challenging in the cold wind rain.

I will admit that I am tempted to say how hard all of this is and how unfair that we have all of this wonderful food to share with others today and yet there will probably be a small crowd'

I will admit that we will probably not make as much money as usual.

I will admit that in spite of all the above there is one word that puts everything in perspective for me.


So, I am thankful today that we have produce, flowers and meat and a bunch of other stuff for anyone who comes today.

I am thankful that we have transportation to get us to the market and tents to set up to shelter us from the weather.

I am than thankful that however much money we make today, it will be enough.

I hope you will be able to make it out today.  We are excited to have grass-fed, grass-finished ground beef available.  We are also excited to have lettuce once again.  We are excited about all the other produce we will have and Beth's lovely flowers.

And let's all continue to pray and support all those effected by Harvey in Texas and other states.

Hope to see all of you today.


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